About Me

Welcome to my website! It is still a work in progress but the idea is to culminate all my recipe, running, kid/baby thoughts into one place. I am so passionate about being active, filling life with adventure and of course, eating fruits and vegetables. I always am trying to create more kid-friendly recipes and inspire you to challenge your healthy kitchen skills. I raced professionally in triathlon for 3 years and now am sticking to the running shoes attempting to get fast (sub-2:40 marathon) while going long (chasing that sub-7h 50miler). I am a vegan athlete and stay-at-home NYC mama who has found that the best thing to do is to get out the door and challenge yourself. 

Top Race Performances

Top Performances: Triathlon

Ironman Wisconsin      4th overall         10:04
Ironman St. George     5th overall         10:20
Ironman Louisville        4th overall          9:56
70.3 Timberman           8th overall          4:35
70.3 Eagleman              7th overall          4:29

Top Performances: Running Races

Marathon                    2:40:13
Half Marathon            1:17:17
15k                               53:39
10K                              35:11
5 mile                           28:49
5k                                 17:57

Vermont 100               9th overall        23:40:00
Ice Age 50-miler         2nd overall        7:04
Swiss Alpine k78         6th overall        7:56
Stockholm 50k            1st overall        3:47:42